The Alexandria City Council voted last night to contribute $800,000 less next year to the Washington area Metro bus and rail system than the $6.3 million Metro officials have requested.

The unanimous vote means that Alexandria joins Arlington in telling Metro it will not pay increases caused by rising costs.

"We want to get the point across that we want no runaway" Metro budgets, Councilman Carlyle C. Ring said.

The action comes at a time when metro officials are negotiationg a controversial labor contract containing automatic cost of living increases for the system's 4,800 unionized employes. The vote last night was anotehr sign that there is a growing continued requests for funds for Metro.

The rail and bus system's proposed operating budget is $276 million, of which roughly $120 million would come from local jurisdictions.

Arlington officials voted recently to spend $2 million less than the $11 million Metro requested for next year, claiming that the areawide transit agency was doing too little to control its own costs.

Officials from Montgomery County and the District of Columbia have also informally indicated their jurisdictions would probably each vote to spend $1 million less than Metro requested.

Metro General Manager Richard S. Page has in the past praised the actions of local governments in putting a cap on the increasing costs of constructing the subway system.

The council last night urged Metro to raise fares, cut some bus service and find other means of decreasing Alexandria's share of Metro funds. In a related resolution, the council also strongly urged Metro to improve the internal efficiency of is organization.