The Metropolitan Police Boys and Girls Club basketball teams returned Sunday from the national Police Athletic League championships in Jacksonville, Fla., bringing home four national championships.

Five boys' teams in the 10-, 12-, 14-, 16- and 18- and under age categories and one girls' team in the 14-and-under age category were among the 60 players from 10 to 18 years old who represented the District in the tournament. The competition drew 52 teams from around the country.

In the final competition, the Metropolitan Police boys' 10-and-under team beat Jacksonville, Fla., 37 to 19; the boys' 14-and-under team beat Savannah, Ga., 67 to 63 in an overtime game; the boys' 16-and-under team beat New Haven, Conn., 71 to 70, and the boys' 18-and-under team beat Indianapolis, Ind. 78 to 76.

Members of the boys' 10-and-under team are: Aaron Jordon, Vincent Miles, Harold Thomas, Sean Edwards, Swift Burch, Sylvester Simkins, Ryan Germany, Tyrone Shaw, Reginald Paris, Darnell Johnson, and Eric Stanley, coached by Vernon Ham.

Members of the boys' 14-and-under team are: Richard Merritt, Walter Lancaster, Robert Waller, George Hamilton, Kevin Smith, John Thompson, Tyrone Jones, Michael Andrews, Wayne Matthews and Timothy Fleming, coached by Donald Williams.

Members of the boys' 16-and-under team are: Harold Dorman, Sylvester Arrington, Christopher Bradley, John Christie, Gregory Jones, Kenneth Lowe, Tommy Mallard, Timothy Morris and, Eugene Speed, coached by Joe Styles.

Members of the boys' 18-and-under team are: Van Randolph, Mike Miller, Will Giles, Jeff Franklin, Michael Williams, Marlin McCrae, Greg Flowers, Ellery Queen and Darrell Greene, coached by Eddie Banks and Frank Horstkamp.