Higher tuition costs have been approved at the University of Virginia, George Mason University and the state's 23 community colleges -- including Northern Virginia Community College.

For students at the two Northern Virginia schools, the higher rates will go into effect this summer. At the University of Virginia, students will pay the higher rates beginning with the fall semester.

At George Mason, tuition for Virginians who are full-time students will be $444 a semester, $38 more than the current $402. Out-of-state rates will be $828, as compared to the current cost of $762 a semester.

Virginians who are part-time students will pay $37 a credit hour, up from the current $33.50. Out-of-state part-timers will pay $69 a credit hour, up from the current $63.50.

Tuition hikes at the state community colleges are the first in four years.

For full-time students who are Virginia residents, tuition will be $114 a quarter. The current quarterly tab is $100.

For part-time Virginia students, the fee per credit hour will increase from $8.50 to $9.50.

Out-of-state students, who now pay $335 a quarter, will begin paying $380 a quarter. Credit hour fees for part-time, out-of-state students will climb from $28 to $32.

The 1980 General Assembly approved a 9 percent pay increase for community college faculty, with the understanding that the money would come from tuition increases.

At the University of Virginia, tuition and required fees for Virginia residents will climb to $1,030 for the 1980-81 academic year, an increase of $128 over the current $902. The boost reflects a $110 increase in tuition, an $8 increase in university transit service, the result primarily of increased fuel costs; and $5 increases in student health service fees and athletic fees.

For out-of-state residents, tuition and required fees will be $2,147, a $243 increase.