Votes of area members of Congress on key roll call votes taken during the week ending March 28. HOUSE

Energy Committee. On a 125-282 procedural vote, the House refused to create a new committee with consolidated jurisdiction over energy legislation. Instead, the House designated the Commerce Committee as the panel with principal energy jurisdiction and renamed it the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Voting in favor of a new committee on energy: Butler (R), Daniel (R), Fisher (D), Robinson (R), Trible (R), Wampler (R), Whitehurst (R).

Voting against new committee on energy: Daniel (D), Harris (D), Satterfield (D).

Federal Trade Commission Funding. By a 216-201 vote, the House passed emergency legislation to keep the Federal Trade Commission in operation until April 30 while House and Senate conferees struggle over differences in the FTC authorization.

The bill would transfer $12.1 million to the FTC from the International Communications Agency, which oversees the Voice of America broadcasts, and put a $9.8 million limit on FTC use of those funds.

Voting for temporary FTC funding: Fisher (D), Harris (D), Satterfield (D).

Voting against temporary FTC funding: Butler (R), Daniel (R), Daniel (D), Robinson (R), Trible (R), Wampler (R), Whitehurst (R). SENATE

Windfall Profits Tax. Almost a year after President Carter requested it, the Senate gave final congressional approval to the windfall profits tax on oil.

The landmark legislation, expected to bring the government more than $227 billion in revenues in the next decade, was approved 66-31. The House had adopted the conference report earlier in the month.

Voting for windfall profits tax: Warner (R).

Voting against windfall profits tax: Byrd (Ind).