The Alexandria City Council this Tuesday will receive a modified plan for widening a small section of Duke Street, according to city official Dayton Cook.

The council recently requested a modified plan that calls for the widening of the four-lane Duke Street to five lanes. Under the plan, Duke Street would be widened from its present 50 feet to 80 feet along a four-block stretch from S. Quaker Lane to Roth Street. The plan was requested by the council after it rejected a proposal to widen the heavily traveled street to six lanes.

Under the five-lane plan, a center turn lane will be added. Marked by yellow lines, it will enable cars to turn left as they travel east or west on Duke Street, Cook said.

The estimated cost of the project is $2.2 million, most of which the council is expected to ask the state and federal governments to pick up. If approved by all state and local agencies, construction would not begin for another three or four years because of "red tape," Cook said.

Traffic volume is currently estimated at 28,000 cars a day, and city planners estimate that volume will increase to as many as 36,000 cars a day in 20 years. State planners say the figure may go up to 48,000 cars a day by 2000.

The council rejected the six-lane proposal because of opposition from local civic associations, which feared that a six-lane road would encourage additional traffic through the area, rather than alleviate current congestion.