Efforts to enforce District taxicab regulations are being stepped up, according to Transportation Director Douglas N. Schneider Jr., prompted by reports of overcharging and discrimination by some District taxicab operators.

"We are concerned by the reports we are receiving from several sources that citizens are not receiving fair and equitable service from some taxicab operators in the District, Schneider said.

The reports have included practices such as refusing to provide transportaion to parts of the District east of the Anacostia River and refusing to pick up black male, elderly or handicapped passengers.

The city is encouraging residents who experience discrimination, overcharging or other unfair or illegal practices to get the driver's identification number or the taxi's license tag. Cab drivers are required to display their identification card and number on their car's righthand sun visor.

The city's Hacker's Board has the authority to hold a hearing when a complaint is brought by a citizen and suspend or revoke a taxicab license if it is found that an operator has violated city regulations.

Persons who have complaints may send a brief statement of the problem along with the driver's identification number or license tag number, to Public Vehicles Division, 600 Indiana Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 20004. Persons who have questions about regulations or filing a complaint may call 727-5646.