Towona Scott, docket clerk, Southeast: "I'm opposed. I think it will bring about more serious problems -- like stealing, for instance." Frederick Bethea, secretary, Upper Northwest: "I'm in favor because it will help tax businesses and help get D.C. the money it needs. The District is always crying it's broke, but i'm sure it's not." Sandi Royster, research information specialist, Northwest: "Yes, I'm in favor. I think it will bring in more money. I'd like to win some money, but I don't want to go to Maryland to do it." Ardella Jones, cashier, Northwest: "I'm in favor of it to help they city's revenue. And people are going to gamble anyway -- I do. It will make it more convenient for me." Greg Cotter, law clerk, Capitol-Hill: "I guess I'm mildly in favor. I wouldn't want (Connecticut Avenue) turned into a strip, but generally I'm in favor." Meg Schomp, women's organization, Northeast: "I don't know. I think Maryland's gambling laws are adequate. But I don't think those laws are doing D.C. residents any good." Malcolm Nelson, attorney, Northwest: "I think I'm in favor. Right now the city is desperately in need of money. This is just one way of solving the problem." Jerome Mazzuchi, consultant, Dupont Circle: "Sure, I think it should be legalized. It will be a great source of revenue for the District." Bill Smith, retired, Dupont Circle: "I'm opposed. Atlantic City (NJ) set a precedent -- we see that organized crime moves right in after gambling." Andy Volinsky, law student, Foggy Bottom: "Basically, I'm in favor of it because of the revenue. I also think people should be given the choice." Travis Murrell, attorney, Southeast: "Although I don't gamble, I'm in favor. We need additional sources of revenue. If people are going to gamble, the District might as well get the income." Deborah DuCre, secretary, Northwest: "I'm opposed. I don't believe in gambling. There are other ways we can use money. It upsets the home. There are many other reasons why I'm opposed to it."