As the election year progresses and the state of the economy worsens, suggestions for a 1980 referendum to set a limit on property tax increases are being heard in Montgomery County. Reporter Kathleen Ennis and photographer John Dwyier asked residents how they would vote on the question. Gilbert Lavine, 28, Silver Spring: "Property taxes don't have that much of an impact on me. I would rather have the revenue to support services than to cut the tax rate and reduce the county's revenue." Frank Novotny, 65, Silver Spring: "Yes, definitely. The taxes on property have been tremendous here for quite some time. We should find a way of taxing people who don't pay property taxes so that they pay their fair share." Elaine Hendricks, 48, Silver Spring: "I would say yes, from the taxpayers point of view. I think it's gotten out of hand. The elderly can't afford their tax payments -- they are higher than their mortgage payments." Marsha Smith, 22, Silver Spring: "I imagine I would vote for it because taxes are outrageous in Montgomery County. I don't own a home, but I hear other people talk about it. I think something should be done." Ken Cook, 29, Silver Spring: "I would be reluctant to vote for it. I'm not a (property) taxpayer, and I'm afraid the differential would be made up by the nontaxpayer." Ruth Ordona, 36, Silver Spring: "I'd agree with it. I feel there should be a limit on taxes. If there isn't, it will go sky high. And if it doesn't interfere with services, i don't see why not." Dorothy Hunt, 66, Aspen Hill: "Yes I would vote for it. I think it would bring down the (rent) rate. There's just so high that taxes can go.There has to be a limit."