Alexandria School Superintendent John L. Bristol last week pulled back his controversial proposal to move the sophomores at T.C. Williams to Minnie Howard School for half-day sessions.

"You have to consider, are the results worth the trouble, or are you creating more trouble than it's worth?" Bristol told the school board, in withdrawing the plan that had been proposed for next fall.

Instead, Bristol recommended building a new $475,200 gymnasium at T.C. Williams, the city's only high school, to complement the existing gym facility.

At a meeting Tuesday night, the City Council approved a school budget for the coming fiscal year that includes funds for the gymnasium, even though the budget was $1.5 million less that requested by the school board. Observers pointed out, however, that the school board could later decide to use the funds for programs other than the gym.

"What is very logical from one point of view is not that important from another," Bristol said after he withdrew the transfer plan.

Bristol had proposed moving the school's 850 sophomores as a temporary way of gaining space at T.C. Williams. Gym facilities at Howard would be used temporarily instead of building a new gym at the high school.

The transfer proposal was opposed by parents and most school board members, who felt it would be disturbing to T.C. Williams students. The move was also opposed by half of the high school teachers, who voted 61-to-60 against it.

The board listed construction of the gym as its first priority.