Votes of area members of Congress on key issues taken during the week ending May 2, 1980. House

Budget Amendment of Domestic Spending. By a 201-213 vote, the House defeated a White House-backed budget amendment that would have increased spending for domestic programs by $1.1 billion. It also would have cut $425 million from government administrative costs and deleted the $800 million annual tax credit for oil development activities overseas.

Voting for amendment to increase domestic spending: Barnes (D.), Byron (D.), Mikulski (D.), Mitchell (D.), Spellman (D.).

Voting against amendment to increase domestic spending: Bauman (D.), Holt (R.), Long (D.).

Defense Spending. By a 164-246 vote, the House rejected an amendment to divert $5.1 billion from domestic to defense programs in next year's budget. The change would have been affected the Budget Committee's recommended allocation of $149.9 billion for defense in an overall balanced budget of $611.8 billion for fiscal 1981.

The Senate has approved a higher total for fiscal 1981 defense spending.

A House-Senate conference committee is expected to reach a compromise figure higher than the spending level approved by the House.

Voting for amendment to further increase defense spending: Bauman (R.), Byron (D.), Holt (R.).

Voting against amendment: Barnes (D.), Long (D.), Mikulski (D.), Spellman (D.), Mitchell (D.). Senate

Rights of Persons in Institutions. After failing three times to choke off a filibuster, the Senate voted 60-34 to limit debate on a conference report for a bill to protect the rights of persons in state institutions. The bill allows the attorney general to file suits against states if the Justice Department finds a "pattern or practice" of depriving persons in prisons, mental hospitals and other institutions of their rights.

Voting to cut filibuster: Mathias (R.), Sarbanes (D.).