A Navy recruiter in Richmond has been demoted for falsifying work records and five other recruiters assigned to a command there have been fined for not carrying out their duties, military officials said yesterday.

The disciplinary action, taken during March and April by the district recruiting commander, grew out of a broader investigation into poor recruiting results. The district, which has 78 recruiters in 18 cities includes most of Virginia, except the Washington suburbs, plus five counties in North Carolina.

Cmdr. Barbara Suse, the top officer in the district, said misconduct charges were also brought against four other recruiters, but she said they were cleared in administrative proceedings.

In the most serious case, now under appeal, Suse said she found the recruiter had submitted false records "inflating the number of prospects she telephoned or personally contracted."

In other cases, she said, recruiters were found to have been making far less than the 320 phone calls and 45 personal interviews expected each month, although their records were not falsified.

"It was a matter of shirking their duties," Suse said. "When someone isn't being very successful, we want to help them. But when we looked carefully in these cases, we found, 'Oops, something's not right.'"

Since the military draft was stopped in 1974, all of the armed services have had difficulties getting enough volutneers. The Pentagon announced yesterday, however, that recuriting had picked up slightly during the last six months.