Leo John Grills, 73, a former manufacturer and corporate executive who later worked as a consultant here, died Tuesday at Alexandria Hospital after a heart attack.

Mr. Grills was born in Westerly, R.I., and attended Dartmouth University.

In the 1930s, he was New England regional manager and later national sales vice president for the Philco Radio and Television Corp.

In 1942, he founded the first of several manufacturing corporations in the cosmetic and electronic industries. His cosmetic corporations manufactured and sold products invented by Mr. Grill. He also held several patents in the industrial and electronic field. He sold his corporations and patent interests to a Philadelphia firm in 1958.

He was a Washington area resident since 1959, when he was appointed vice president and director of sales for the Action Manufacturing Co. Inc. here. Mr. Grills later became vice president for commercial sales and operations for Aero Geo Astro Corp., an Alexandria research and development firm.

Before retiring in 1972, Mr. Grills was a consultant to Connemara, S.A. and Harris Ltd.

Mr. Grills maintained homes in Alexandria and in Palm Beach, Fla.

Survivors include his wife, the former Delores Davies, and a stepson, William R. Davies, both of Alexandria and Palm Beach; a son, Lee J., of Lima, N.Y., 13 grandsons and one great-granddaughter.