Votes of area members of Congress on key issues during the week ending; May 9, 1980. HOUSE

House Budget Resolution. By a vote of 225-193, the House passed a resolution for the first balanced budget in 12 years. The House accepted its Budget Committee's recommendations for fiscal year 1981 after defeating numerous amendments designed to shift spending between defense or domestic programs.

Voting for the budget resolution: Fisher (D), Harris (D), Wampler (R).

Voting against the budget resolution: Butler (R), Daniel (R), Daniel (D), Robinson (R), Satterfield (D), Trible (R), Whitehurst (R).

Food Stamps. By a 134-269 vote, the House rejected an amendment to reduce food stamp benefits to families whose children get free lunches at school. The amendment came on a bill, passed easily by the House, to allow emergency extra spending for the food stamp program. Unless Congress approves $2.6 billion more for the program by today, the 21 million food stamp recipients will get no stamps beginning in June.

Voting for the amendment to reduce food stamp benefits: Butler (R), Daniel (R), Daniel (D), Robinson (R), Trible (R), Whitehurst (R).

Voting against the amendment to reduce food stamp benefits: Fisher (D), Harris (D), Wampler (R).

Not Voting: Satterfield (D). SENATE

Rights of Institutionalized. By a 56-37 vote the Senate adopted a conference report on a bill allowing the attorney general to file suits against states to protect the rights of persons confined in state institutions.

Voting against the conference report: Byrd (Ind.), Warner (R).

Defense Spending Budget Outlays. The Senate voted 64-30 to table (kill) a proposal to shift $2 billion from defense to domestic programs in the 1981 budget. The amendment, which was backed by the White House, was a defeat for liberals trying to restore money for social programs that had been cut by the Senate Budget Committee.

Voting to kill proposal to restore funds for social programs: Byrd (Ind.), Warner (R).