More than 250 students were recently honored at the 10th annual Community Service Awards Program of the D.C. Congress of Parents and Teachers for their volunteer work.

The junior and senior high school students from 54 public, parochial and private D.C. schools have each volunteered a minimum of 50 hours in the past year at hospitals, libraries, schools and in other community activities. They received their awards in a ceremony at the Howard University Hospital auditorium.

The top award, given each year to a graduating senior, went to Washington Career Development Center student Letitia Young, the daughter of Ruth Dohawk. She began volunteering at Howard University Hospital in seventh grade and has since given 1,656 hours of her time. She received a $500 scholarship and a plaque.

Second place awards of $50 were presented to McKinley High School 11th grader George Graham, the son of Mary Graham, who has given 2,069 hours of time of Howard University Hospital, and Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School senior Diedre Hill, the daughter of Teresa Hill, who has given 1,550 hour of time at Georgetown University Hospital.

A special award was presented to Florence Robinson, of Florida Avenue NW, who 10 years ago asked former Mayor Walter Washington to set aside one week a year as D.C. Youth Volunteer Week.

The following students received trophies for donating between 500 and 900 cumulative hours of volunteer time: Shenita Seay, of School Without Walls; Danielle Brooks, of Anacostia Senior High; Connie Padgett, of Ballou Senior High; Donna Simmons, of Wilson Senior High; Annette Standard, of McKinley Senior High; Adrienne Smoot, of Wilson Senior High; sisters Rita, Sharon and Sheila Wood, of Dunbar Senior High; Donna Adams, of Hawthorne School; Patricia Jones, of Margaret Washington Career Development Center, and Tammy Cowser, of Anacostia Senior High.