Two men were shot in the back of the head and killed last night as they sat in an automobile in the parking lot of a Roy Rogers restaurant on Georgia Avenue near Howard University Hospital.

Police said they had no motive or suspects in the baffling 8:15 p.m. shootings, in which the two men were hit a total of five times at close range in what appeared to be an ambush.

The case is "wide open at this point" said Lt. Alfred Cassinelli of the 3rd District after examining the scene of the shooting behind the restuarant of Georgia Avenue and V Street NW.

The two men entered the restaurant a few minutes after 8 p.m., bought fish sandwiches and returned to their car. Shots were heard almost immediately afterward, suggesting to police that their assailant or assailants had been waiting for them.

The driver of a D.C. fire department paramedic van was leaving Howard University hospital across the street from the shooting scene, when he heard the shots. By the time he reached the victims, they were both dead.

The door on the driver's side of the green two-door auto was open. The driver's body lay sprawled on its stomach, partly in the car, partly outside on the parking lot pavement.

In addition to being shot in the back of the head, he was shot once in the back.

The body of the man on the passenger side was slumped in the front seat. He was shot in the back and right shoulder as well as in the back of the head.

The driver was identified as Julius Kinard, 23, of 1630 Massachusetts Ave. SE. The passenger was listed as Cornell Mathis, 22, of 1321 Southview Dr., Oxon Hill.

Authorities said Kinard was paroled last year from a robbery sentence. They said Mathis had once served a sentence at Lorton. The charge was not known.