Two of the three men who remained at large after the recent escape from the D.C. Jail were arrested yesterday, one in Cheverly, Md., and the other in Harrisburg, Pa.

One of the four men who climbed down bed sheets to flee the jail May 8 was picked up about a half mile from the jail shortly after the escape was reported.

All three others had been at large until about 5:15 p.m. yesterday, when federal marshals arrested Larry Wallace, 24, at 4010 Warner St., in Cheverly.

About five hours later, marshals seized Samuel Byrd, 26, "at a residence in Harrisburg," said J. Jerome Bullock, the U.S. marshal for the District of Columbia.

Bullock said "an intensive investigation" conducted all last week by marshals led to both of yesterday's arrests.

Bullock said that "investigative leads indicated that the two [Byrd and wallace] had been together much of the time" since fleeing from a fifth floor cell at the jail.

He said the last of the four escapees, Ronald Givens, 34, is still being actively sought.

Both of the men captured yesterday were arrested without incident, Bullock said.

Wallace was at the jail to await trial on an armed robbery charge. Byrd was awaiting trial on a charge of murder.

It was not immediately known yesterday how Byrd had reached Harrisburg, about 80 miles north of Washington.

However, Bullock said it was believed that "he received assistance from someone in this area." He declined to elaborate.

Responsibility for the recapture of escaped federal prisoners was transferred in 1979 from the FBI to the U.S. marshal's service, Bullock said. Prisoners in District institutions are technically in federal custody.

In the dramatic May 9 escape, four inmates cut through the steel bars of a fifth floor cell and shinnied down a makeshift, 80 foot rope of bedsheets before scaling an eight foot wall using aluminum ladders.

Investigators said at the time that the presence of the ladders may have indicated that the men received help from the outside.