Retired Army Maj. Thomas D. Moffitt, 94, a veteran of World War I who served as a security officer in the Pentagon during World War II, died May 14 in Arlington Hospital after a stroke.

Maj. Moffitt enlisted in the Army in 1905 and served as a cavalry trooper before World War I. During that war, he served with the headquarters staff of the 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One) in France.

Following the war, he reverted from his wartime rank of first lieutenant to that of first sergeant in the 3rd Cavalry Regiment. He retired in 1934.

He was recalled to activy duty in World War Ii, and was a security officer in the office of the secretary of War before retiring a second time in 1946.

Maj. Moffitt was a native of County Tyrone, Ireland, and had made his home in Arlington since the early 1920s. Before coming to this country in 1899, he had served with the Scottish Rifles of the British Army in South Africa.

His first wife, the former Edna May Stalkud, died in 1968. His son, Marine Corps Lt. Thomas D. Jr., died in Korea in 1955 during a training flight.

Maj. Moffitt's survivors include his wife of 11 years, Edna Mary Moffitt of Arlington, and one grandchild.