A Fairfax County grand jury has indicted Frank G. Eubank Jr., a McLean real estate investor and former director of the McLean Savings and Loan Association, on five felony counts of receiving stolen goods.

Eubank, 50, could face a maximum prison sentence of 100 years if convicted on all counts of the indictment, which was returned on Monday.

"It's been a lot of hell," Eubank, who helped found the savings and loan in 1977, said yesterday. "I've been ostracized in the community -- let's face it."

Eubank said he stepped down from his position at the bank the day after his arrest at his McLean home last January.

Fairfax County police allegedly found stolen silver, china, television sets and other items in a search of the home. Police officials said the goods were traced to 45 burglaries committed in the McLean area in the months preceding the arrest.

The banking official said at the time that he realized the people who were selling him the goods had had some trouble with police authorities, but disclaimed any knowledge that the objects were stolen.

During preliminary hearings on the matter, a prosecution witness alleged that Eubank once used a citizens' band radio to alert him to a police stakeout, and said Eubank had received goods with full knowledge that they were stolen. The witness, Mark Neal, 30, said Eubank had used the code name "Deacon" in warning him of police activity in late 1979.

Eubank has maintained that he bought the silver and other valuables for "less than $1,000," and that he had no idea they had been stolen.

In addition to helping establish McLean Savings and Loan, Eubank has been a community leader involved in a number of projects in McLean.