Three adults and three juveniles were arrested by District of Columbia police at two city high school yesterday and charged with distribution of PCP and marijuana, D.C. narcotics detectives said yesterday.

The arrests at Anacostia Senior High School in Southeast and Eastern High school in Northeast were the result of a two-month undercover investigation in those schools, according to Capt. Kris Coligan, head of the narcotics branch. The investigation is continuing, he said, and more arrests are expected.

Coligan said undercover officers planted at the schools allegedly bought drugs several times from each of those arrested. He said four of the suspects were students and two of them were outsiders, and that the drugs bought were mostly small quantities of marijuana and the hallucinogenic drug phencyclidine, commonly known as PCP.

Police identified those arrested as Eddie Reed, 20, of 225 14th St. NE; Herbert Leon Tillery, 18, of 1613 F St. NE; and Ahmad Jamad Cherry, 20, of 1806 14th St. SE.

Reed, who was arrested with Tillery and one juvenile at Eastern, told police he was a boxer. He was charged with three counts of distribution of PCP and two counts of distribution of marijuana.

Tillery, a student at Eastern, was charged with four counts of distribution of marijuana.

Cherry, who was arrested along with two juveniles at Anacostia, is unemployed and was charged with two counts of distribution of marijuana.

All three juveniles were charged with distribution of marijuana.