The Supreme Court yesterday refused to review the convictions of Alexandria massage parlor operator Louis Michael Parrish and two top lieutenants on prostitution and racketeering charges.

Parrish, 33, and his two associates, Larry J. Wadino, 32, and Kathy Lynn Cladwell, 26, convicted last year on felony charges of operating one of the area's largest prostitution rings appealed to the Supreme Court after a federal appeals court in Richmond affirmed their convictions on March 31.

The high court made no comment in refusing to consider the trio's sex discrimination challenge to the 70-year-old Mann Act barring transportation of women across state lines for immoral purposes.

Shortly after the three were convicted last year, they began cooperating with federal officials investigating possible official corruption in Alexandria, and their assistance led to the indictment of Alexandria attorney James I. Burkhardt.

Burkhardt was acquitted in April of all conspiracy and racketeering charges that grew out of his role as an attorney for Parrish's operation. Parrish testified at the trial that he funneled $500 monthly payoffs through Burkhardt to former Alexandria prosecutor William L. Cowhig to avoid prosecution. Cowhig, who resigned last year after being acquitted at two trials on state charges related to illegal bingo operations, was never indicted in the federal probe.

Court officials said yesterday they expect Parrish, Wadino and Caldwell to seek reductions in their prison sentences.

Parrish was sentenced to five years.Caldwell was given an indeterminate prison term of up to four years.