An unidentified youth was arrested on the grounds of the Soviet embassy early this morning after he fought off a half dozen uniformed secret service officers and scaled a 10-foot-high perimeter fence.

The youth, who appeared to be in his later teens or early 20s, was finally wrestled into submission just inside the fence by five officers and taken into custody. Police said the youth did not speak during the incident, which occurred shortly before 1 a.m., and refused to identify himself after his arrest.

A secret service spokesman said he was taken to D.C. police 3rd District headquarters where another attempt would be made to question him. No charges had been filed as of 2 a.m.

The spokesman said the intruder apparently used a bicycle as a ladder to reach the top of the wrought iron fence on the north side of the building and was spotted there by a secret service officer stationed at the embassy.

The officer summoned help and within moments six or more officers with guns drawn had surrounded the youth. They ordered him down and attempted to grab him, but the youth fought them off with kicks and punches, the spokesman said.

The youth tried to break free by dropping to the ground inside the embassy grounds, but he was pounced on almost immediately by officers coming over the fence and through a gateway. The youth struggled furiously for several minutes, but he was subdued without injury, the spokesman said.