The College Park City Councilast week approved a $2.5 million budget that includes a 6.2 percent pay raise for city workers.

Although the budget is $31,000 less than last year's budget, Councilman Charles K. Shadwell Jr. said the city had improved its efficiency and would provide "more services with the same amount of staff."

Shadwell added that the city would find funds for street improvements next year.

Only Councilman John E. Perry opposed the budget. He objected to including a salary for a recreation staff position that had not been filled.

Councilwoman Lou A. Stengarn warned that inflation and rising oil prices would threaten future budgets if the city did not begin to conserve funds now.

The council also approved a two-month experiment with a new trash removal system. Under a program by the Rubbermaid Company, the city will provide some city residents with 80-gallon plastic trash containers on wheels. Residents will be required to leave the containers curbside on trash collection days.

The new system is supposed to be more efficient because it requires fewer operators. Lifts attached to city trash trucks dump the containers automatically, reducing injuries to workmen, officials said. City manager Leon N. Shore said he had not yet decided which section of the city would try out the new containers. The company will allow the city to experiment with the new system free of charge before it purchases the containers and automatic lifts.

After a heavy promotion of the system by the company, Councilman Anthony C. Yanchulis joked, "I think the good Lord must have made it. I have yet to hear anything bad about the system. If it's the perfect system, whoever invented it should be put into the hall of fame of garbage collectors." w