A diesel locomotive struck two men who were sitting on railroad tracks in Rockville, eating sandwiches Wednesday night. One man was killed and the other injured.

Jerry Lee Bennet, 22, of 12316 Judson Rd., Silver Spring, was killed in the 10 p.m. accident. His cousin, Larry Harper, 25, of 5507 Alderbrook Ct., Rockville, was reported in good condition at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda yesterday with head, knee and stomach lacerations.

Harper said in a telephone interview from his hospital room, "It happened so fast, I was in shock. We didn't have a chance to get on our feet or anything."

He said they had bought food at a High's Dairy Store on Hungerford Drive in Rockville, then walked several blocks and sat on the railroad tracks north of Stone Street and Park Road to eat ham and cheese sandwiches.

"We were hungry and there was no other place to sit," Harper said. "Each side of the tracks was full of bushes."

Police said the engineer of the C&O B&O train -- a locomotive and caboose headed for Brunswick, Md., at 35 m.p.h. -- blew the locomotive's whistle twice.

But Harper said he and his cousin didn't hear or see the train until it had rounded a curve and it was too late.

"I landed in the bushes and I passed out," Harper said. "When I came to, I couldn't walk. I didn't know what was going on."