Four persons have been charged with being accessories to the murder of a Fairfax City man who was shot to death Sunday. A fifth man was charged Thursday night with the actual slaying.

All five suspects, according to an investigative source, are believed to be members of the Pagans motorcycle gang.

They are accused in the slaying of Jack Arthur Walker Jr., 27, who police said was shot fatally at 12503 Glenbrooke Woods Dr., Herndon, during a gathering there. Walker's body was moved to the Manassas area of Prince William County, where it was found Sunday night, police said.

Charged with murder Thursday night was Thomas (Daddy Rat) Evans, 31, of the Glenbrooke Woods Dr. address. He and Cheryl (Mommy Rat) Bridges, 32, of the same address were arrested in Dauphin County, Pa., by Pennsylvania state police, according to Fairfax County police spokesman Warren Carmichael. Bridges was charged as an accessory after the fact, Carmichael said.

Also charged with being accessories to the slaying after the fact are Kevin L. McDonald, 26, of no fixed address, apprehended in Pulaski, Va.; and Amber Kitty, 19, of no fixed address, and Paul A. Bachand, 26, both arrested in Fairfax County.

An investigative source said the four charged as accessories are suspected of aiding Evans to flee from the area.