A 21-year-old Washington woman, accused of hanging her 2-year-old son by a rope in a closet in her apartment was found guilty of child cruelty yesterday by a D. C. Superior Court jury.

Carolyn Jordan of 2962 Second St. SE was acquitted, however, of a second charge of assault with intent to kill while armed in connection with the incident involving her son, Donyell Wilson, last Aug. 28.

Government witnesses presented by Assistant U. S. Attorney Martha Rogers testified that Jordan was generally cruel to her only child and struck him often.

Jordan, represented by attorney Thomas Abbernante, told the jury of seven women and five men that she loved her son and had never treated him cruelly.

Anthony Fields, 18, who said he was Jordan's boy friend at the time her son was hurt, testified for the government that on Aug. 28, Jordan struck her son several times, gave him some pills and held the child over her head at one point and dropped him to the floor.

In another episode that day, Fields testified, Jordan lashed her son to a bathroom towel rack, using a blue yarn rope she wore as a belt. Later, she used the same rope to hang her son from a crossbar in a closet, Fields testified.

Fields testified that muffled noises from the closet led him to open the door. There he found the child suspended by a rope around his neck, Fields testified.

Dr. Joan Conry, a physician at Children's Hospital where the child was treated, testified that the child had neck bruises and broken blood vessels.

Jordan testified that on that day, she slapped her son on the face twice after the child splashed water in the toilet bowl.

Jordan is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Fred B. Ugast on Aug. 4. Her son is now under the care of the D.C. Department of Human Services.