Retired Air Force M/Sgt. Otis Wiggins, 51, who served in the Army during World War II and in the Air Force during the Korean conflict, died June 9 at the Barksdale Air Force Base hospital in Sherveport, La. after a heart attack.

Mr. Wiggins was visiting relatives in his native Mansfield, La., when he was stricken.

In 1945, after lying about his age to enlist in the Army, he served with an Army transportation unit in the Pacific theater.

He transfered to the Air Force in 1948 and subsequently served in Korea and then with the Presidential Group'stransportation unit at National Airport for several years.

He also served at Air Force installtions in England, California and Maryland. He was head guard at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia from 1964 until his retirement in 1972 for reasons of health.

Mr. Wiggins lived in Washington.

Survivors include his wife, Mozella M. of Washington; a son, Willie J., of District Heights; two sisters, Mary W. Johnson, and Bertha W. Young, and two brothers, James H., and Ariche P., all of Mansfield; three other brothers, Bobby of Shrevport, La., George L., of Houston, Tex., and Ollie Murry, of Portland, Ore., and three grandchildren.