Virginia's $140.4 million of the 1981 military construction bill, now being considered by Congress, ranks the Commonwealth second among states receiving those funds.

Only California would receive more than Virginia from the $5.4 billion construction budget.

Among the projects planned for Virginia are a $930,000 energy monitor and control system at Cameron Station in Alexandria. A smiliar system, intended to cut fuel and electricity costs in office buildings and barracks, would be installed at Fort Myer at a cost of $1.5 million.

Fort Myer also is to receive $370,000 for a kennel for 12 German shepherds used to sniff out bombs and drugs.

"Thos dogs protect not only military but the whole Washington area," said a spokesman in the office of Sen. John W. Warner (R-Va.), reacting to an earlier story in The Washington Post which calculated that the kennel would cost about $30,000 for each of the 12 dogs.

Other appropriations for Fort Myer include $170,000 for an outdoor athletic facility, $260,000 for barracks emergency lighting, $330,000 for alterations of officer housing and $220,000 for modifications to a building electrical system.

The largest appropriation would go to Fort Belvoir, $16.5 million for building alterations. In addition, Fort Belvoir is expected to receive $1.8 million to build fuel storage tanks, $510,000 to convert barrack to an outpatient clinic and $450,000 for the Defense Systems Management College.

At Quantico Marine Base, $3 million is to be spent for energy improvements, $2.8 million for a dining facility and $430,000 for ventilation improvements.

The Quantico Naval Hospital is expected to receive $420,000 for energy improvements.

Fort A.P. Hill, near Fredericksburg is to receive $930,000 for a laser test facility to aid in developing night vision equipment.