Commencement exercises have been held for graduating classes from D.C. public, parochial and private schools. The following students were honored as class valedictorians for their academic achievements. Each was asked to describe college and career goals. Tanya Sweeney Ballou Tufts University. Physician. Ella Mimms Chamberlain Secretary. Derwin Spivey Mackin Syracuse University. Electrical engineer. Valerie Williams Phelps Univ. of District of Columbia. Electrical engineering. Cecile Carter Woodson Old Dominion University. Engineer. Jerry Matthews Bell Tuskeegee Institute. Pilot. Jacquelyn Kennedy Coolidge University of Virginia Lawyer. Bonnie Auslander Maret Wesleyan University. Fiction writer. Brenda Ellison Roosevelt Georgetown or Univ. of Pa. Heart surgeon. Phan Huynh Wilson Amherst College. Physician. Teresa Moore Burdick Computer analyst or business manager in data processing. Sophia Coleman Dunbar Morgan State University Undecided. Francine Atkinson McKinley Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Undecided. Kimberly Thorpe Spingarn St. Paul's College. Civil engineer. Reginald Spence Randall Computer operations. Karen Young Burdick University of Maryland. Systems analyst. Ahmad Vahidi Emerson George Washington University. Physician. Gabrielle Muise Notre Dame Catholic University. Undecided. Monica Brewer M.M. Washington Podiatrist. Bridget Wieghart School Without Walls Reed College. Undecided. Lisa Coates Anacostia Business School. Secretary. Edward Eaton Carroll St. Edward's University. Theater. Michael Gibbs Gonzaga University of Chicago. Undecided. Katherine L. O'Brien St. Patrick's P.G. Community College. Undecided. Andrew Cooksy Wilson Harvard University. Undecided. Sherrie Lynn Dixon St. Anthony's Johns Hopkins University. Physician. Deborah Jenkins Cardozo American University Pediatrician. Kevin James McGettigan St. John's College of William and Mary. Undecided. Margaret Smith St. Patrick's University of Maryland. Undecided.

Juanita Ferguson Ellington University of Michigan. Business administration. NOT PICTURED: Alexandros Washburn St. Albans University of North Carolina. Architect. Leon Williams Spingarn Stay American University. Playwright. Kimberly Ursula Proctor St. Cecilia's University of Rochester. Jason T. E. Callihan Sharpe Health Amer. U. or Univ. of Va. Attorney, politician. Marlita Crossland Eastern American University. Business administration.