Edith Lowenstein, 70, a New York attorney who specialized in immigration and naturalization law and a former editor of "Interpreter Releases," a publication on immigration and nationality matters, died Saturday at Doctors Hospital in New York City following a stroke. She had been hospitalizer with pneumonia.

Miss Lowenstein joined the Justice Department in Washington in 1939 as an attorney in the appellate section of its criminal division. In 1944, she transferred to the Alien Property Office and remained there until in 1953.

In that year she moved to New York and became editor of "Interpreter Releases." It was published at that time by the Council for American Unity, now the American Council for Nationalities Service. This is a social service agency that is engaged in helping foreign born and in refugee resettlement.

Miss Lowenstein directed the council's legal program in addition to editing its publication. She resigned in 1974 to devote her time to a private practice of immigration law.

She was a national chairman of the Association of Immigration and Nationality Lawyers and a member of the board of the American Immigration and Citizenship Conference.

She born in Cologne, Germany, and came to the United States in 1934 as an exchange student from the University of Heidelberg. She earned a doctorate at the University of Chicago law school. She moved to Washington in 1939 to begin her government career.

She left no immediate survivors.