Nearly $20 million was added to the "Here's Life" evangelical Christian movement during a recent weekend retreat Dallas millionaire Nelson Bunker Hunt hosted in Houston.

"We are now headed toward 20 indidividuals who have pledged $1 million each to the campaign," Robert Pittinger, an executive of the movement, said in Dallas.

Sponsored by the California-based Campus Crusade for Christ International Inc., the staff of Here's Life is attempting to raise $1 billion or more by 1982 to spread Christianity around the world.

Relying principally on cassettes, brochures and a movie called "Jesus," which has been translated into 163 languages, nearly 7,000 Crusade staffers hope to take the gospel's message into every corner of the globe.

The campaign is the dream of Campus Crusade founder-president Bill Bright. Hunt is helping to make that dream come true by trying to raise $1 billion and contributing more than $10 million of his own.

Pittinger said more than $170 million has been committed so far to the evangelist effort.

Most of the larger contributions were raised at weekend retreats Hunt has hosted in luxury hotels across the country. In May at the Houstonian Inn in Houston, more than 500 millionaires accepted his invitation to spend a weekend eating and listening to well-known politicians, entertainers and Crusade staffers discuss the state of the world.