Kwame Holman, who last week submitted his resignation as Mayor Marion Barry's press spokesman after Barry took steps to close his press office, has decided to stay on with the District government and is now working for the city's Office of Community Services.

According to sources, the arrangement is a face-saving compromise that the Barry administration hopes will mute the controversy that erupted last week over the closing of the press office and Holman's offer to resign.

The new post allows Holman to continue in the administration without having to take a direct demotion and work in the city's Office of Communications -- an option that was unacceptable to Holman, sources said. One knowledgeable source predicted, however, that Holman's new job was "kind of a holding action" and that Holman may still leave the administration. "

Barry and his aides reportedly considered Holman inexperienced at handling press relations, and Barry was particularly upset over what he saw as "negative" press coverage, sources said.

Barry was particularly angered last week, according to sources, by comments attributed to Holman in a story concerning Barry's chauffeur service. Holman was quoted as saying, in effect, that Barry needed a driver so he could get work done on his car.

Holman said his new job does not entail a salary increase. A source said that Holman has told friends that he still is not satisfied with his situation, and may leave the administration anyway.