Fairfax County's 2,300 mobile home owners will be elibible for free smoke detectors under a $5,000 Community Block Grant. The smoke detectors will be available July 1.

To qualify for the free detector county fire officials said mobile home owners must have their home inspected by local fire officials or attend a fire safety seminar. The inspections and seminars are free.

Several recent mobile home fires -- including a Woodbridge fire earlier this month in which a woman and her young son were killed -- have emphasized the need for extra fire safety in mobile homes, officials said.

"Historically mobile homes have twice as many fires as houses," said Jane Stern, of the county fire department's public relations office.

County officials say they will begin a door-to-door canvass of mobile homes next month to notify residents of the smoke detector program. The two largest mobile home area in Fairfax County are along the Rte. 1 corridor and in the Dulles Airport-Chantilly area.

So far, the county has purchased 357 smoke detectors at a cost of $14 per unit. Fire officials say more detetors will be purchased as needed.

Stern said most mobile homes will require one detector for each sleeping unit. The county will provide one free smoke detector.

In addition to the door-to-door canvas, county officials said all mobile home owners will be contacted by mail.