This comment from a Veterans Administration worker who takes a dim view of the government's cold water-warm air-conditioning program:

"Where I worked the windows have been locked to prevent opening, the lights are turned off in the corridors and in some offices. The air is not even slightly cool, the water in the restrooms is cold, the drinking water supply is warm -- sounds like a prison, does it not?

"We have been told to close our blinds, keep doors closed and your recent article [on government heat policy procedures] suggests cotton clothes, no stockings, etc. You could be nude and work at a computer or video-type machine which emits hot air and still be uncomfortable.

". . . I don't know about energy savings when air-conditioning is shut off and electric fans are turned on. A certain amount of air has to be introduced to a closed building through the registers. What is the difference -- I mean savings -- between cooling the air or having electric fans in each of the offices?"

This might be a good time to remind bosses of the government's official heat-release index. Agency heads can send employes home early, if the indoor temperature and humidity hit the following levels: Temperature -- 95 Humidity -- 55 Temperature -- 96 Humidity -- 52 Temperature -- 97 Humidity -- 49 Temperature -- 98 Humidity -- 45 Temperature -- 99 Humidity -- 42 Temperature - 100 Humidity -- 38