Edythe Canter Urow, 61, an attorney who had a general law practice in Washington for more than 50 years, died of cancer Sunday at Georgetown University Hospital.

Mrs. Urow was born in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. She earned a bachelor's degree at New York University and a law degree from the Brooklyn Law School.

She moved to Washington in 1946 and became a trial attorney in the civil division of the Justice Department. While there, she met her future husband, Louis Urow.

In 1947, the Urows went into a private practice with Mrs. Urow's brother, Milton E. Canter. They later formed the firm of Canter, McLaughlin & Urow with Robert E. McLaughlin, a former president of the old D.C. Board of Commissioners who died in 1978.

About a year and a half ago, the Canter-Urow firm merged with Burns, Jackson, Miller, Summit & Washington, a firm which is based in New York City. Its Washington office includes former Mayor Walter E. Washington. Mrs. Urow continued to practice until about a year ago, when she retired for reason's of health.

Mrs. Urow also had real estate interests in the Washington area. In connection with her law practice, she was for several years vice chairman and general counsel of the American Rail and Steel Corp.

She was a member of the National Council of Jewish Women, B'nai B'rith, and Hadassah. She also was a member of the D.C. Bar Association, the Bar Association of the District of Columbia, the American Trial Lawyers Association and the Inter-American Bar Association.

Her husband was killed in a traffic acident in 1960.

Survivors include a daughter, Jacqueline Dell Urow of Alexandria, and her brother, of Washington.