As many as 240 newly hired summer employes at District swimming pools who were expecting to receive their first paychecks yesterday will have to wait a little longer, city officials said last night.

The workers -- including managers custodians and lifeguards at the 44 municipal pools -- reported to work two weeks ago but were not paid as scheduled yesterday because of delays in the paper work required to add their names to the city payroll, according to Benjamin McCottry, and administrator in the pools program.

He said he expected that all pool employes would have their paychecks by the end of the week.

McCottry, staff assistant to program director James Tompkins, said the delay might have resulted partly from raw controls instituted along with a hiring freeze imposed by Mayor Marion Barry three months ago.

Under the conditions of the freeze, special exemptions must be issued by the city's budget office before any new worker is added to the payroll. The freeze was instituted as part of Barry's effort to avert a projected city budget deficit of $170 million this fiscal year.

McCottry said all 360 workers in the pools program were to be paid yesterday, but "only about a third" of the checks were actually issued.

"It's not that unusual," McGottry said. "The program often gets off to a slow start. Everybody eventually gets paid, though."

Although some of the pool workers are teen-agers working for the first time, the program is not connected with the mayor's summer jobs for youth program.