Gary A. Cook, 29, a roofer who was killed in a Fairfax County trailer park shooting Tuesday night, was married and the father of two children. A story in Thursday's edition incorrectly implied that he was single.

Fighting over liquor broke out in a trailer home at about 6 p.m. Tuesday, according to neighbors in the Nightingale Trailer Park south of Alexandria. Police came, but left after finding no cause for arrests.

Slightly more than three hours later, an argument that had simmered for several hours exploded into shooting. Two men were killed and a woman seriously injured by shotgun fire.

A 29-year-old resident of the trailer park was charged with two counts of murder, one of malicious wounding and three of using a firearm to commit a felony.

One of the dead men, Gary A. Cook, a 29-year-old roofer, was to be married Friday to the woman who was wounded, Barbara Reese, also 29, a custodial worker, who shared a trailer with Cook at 208 Poinsetta Dr. Reese was listed in serious but stable condition yesterday at Mount Vernon Hospital.

The other man shot to death in the incident was Grover C. Glass, 54, of 6208 Gun St., Fairfax County, according to police.

The suspect, John Wright of 30 Marigold Cir., was arrested by Fairfax County police as he was leaving the trailer park in the Hybla Valley section of the county in a car, police reported.

Police were called initially, neighbors said, after loud arguing broke out. After police left, Cook and Reese walked down the street and Cook asked a friend for a baseball bat, remarking that he had a gun but didn't want to use it, according to Coy Asbury of 224 Poinsetta Dr. A pipe was offered but rejected, according to Asbury and another neighbor.

About an hour later, Asbury said Reese "got scared and tried to climb the fence behind the trailer," when Wright, who had been away for an hour, showed up with a gun.

Mary Shaw of 204 Poinsetta Dr. said she was watching television when Reese knocked on her door. "She was bleeding and couldn't stand up straight," said Shaw, who said she called an ambulance and police.

Neighbors recalled Cook and Reese as friendly people. "They never said a bad word to anybody," one neighbor said.

"Maybe if we had gotten him [Cook] into our car and taken him to Bingo it wouldn't have happened," said another neighbor who saw the two shortly before the shooting.

The Nightingale Trailer Park in the Rte. 1 corridor south of Alexandria has had other problems recently. There was a stabbing there two months ago and some residents have complained about heavy traffic and alleged substandard conditions.

"We've had our problems," said Holly Blevins, manager of the 400-trailer development, "but none like this before."