Can't get season tickets to the Redskins games? Tired of Washington's baking summers and wet winters? Suspect there is more to life than Georgetown, or the Kennedy Center? Love the government, but hate this headquarters town?

How would you like to be a big fish in a smaller federal pond? Does the idea of a $50,000 a year government job, in Las Vegas no less, appeal to you? iThe Department of Energy is looking for a chief counsel in its defense program there. Call 252-8463 here.

Interested in a similar top-paying U.S. post in Los Angeles? The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission there is looking for a program manager-district director. That number is 634-7000. Miriam Griego knows about it.

If you want to get away -- but not too far -- how about $50,000 plus, in Reston or Germantown? Slots are there with DOE if you can become director of resource management. Call 252-8463 for details. If Reston is more to your liking there are two more possibilities, if you are into water. Two slots are vacant at the Geological Survey, one as chief of the office of water data coordination, the other as research hydrologist. The number is 860-6131. Ask for Hank Shanahan.

Social Security in Baltimore wants a top executive to direct its office of systems development. 301 -- 594-6810.

Top federal jobs aren't exactly going begging these days. But Uncle Sam does come up with several dozen vacancies each week. Most are located here, in supergrade city. But a number are out of town where -- fanned by smaller inflation flames -- $50,000 a year means even more.

Interior in Sacramento, Calif., for example, wants a regional director for water and power resources. The local contact is Linda Bivens, 343-5428.

Small Business Administration wants a deputy regional administrator in beautiful downtown San Francisco. Clifton Toulson on 653-6516.

Closer to home there are top-paying vacancies at the Patent and Trademark Office, in Maritime Administration's ship operations, Commerce, Defense and the Federal Labor Relations Authority (looking for an executive director).

All of the jobs are to be found in the exclusive job sheet Uncle Sam puts out to advise of openings in the Senior Executive Service. SES is the new gradeless corps set up by President Carter that offers hot-shots the chance for action, transfer, top pay and bounuses of up to $19,500 a year.

Agencies do their own hiring for the SES jobs. Copies of the SES Vacancy Ammouncements are available at the Office of Personnel Management, 1900 E. St. NW. If you are looking for a change, check it out.