Northern Virginia Community College has produced a John Tyler Elementary School in Alexandria and its surrounding 14 acres for $3.9 million. The purchase is part of a plan to expand the college's cramped Alexandria campus.

The elementary school building at 3101 N. Beauregard St., is adjacent to the 30-acre college campus.

"We have been so short on permanent space for this campus for so many years that this will allow us to put most of our program into permanent facilities," said Jean C. Netherton, provost of the 10,000-student Alexandria campus. "We still don't have enough space to house everything, but this is a big improvement and we're just delighted."

Netherton said Tyler would be used for general classrooms, art and photography labs, faculty offices and physical education classes.

The building also will house the campus' health and public services division, a child development center and special education programs.

The acquisition of the Tyler school coincides with other improvements to the Alexandria campus. A new addition to the main campus building is under construction and a separate automotive-engineerng building is nearing completion. The projects will cost $5.8 million. All are expected to be completed by October.

A rental warehouse at Baileys Crossroads, where the college first opened its Alexandria campus in 1965, will still house a bookstore and a few automotive and appliance-repair labs, Netherton said.