Four suspected members of a youth gang believed responsible for 80 robberies in an upper Northwest neighborhood have been arrested and charged with armed robbery, D.C. robbery squad detectives said.

Robbery squad Sgt. Donald Blake said the arrests involved cases in the North Cleveland Park neighborhood last November.

Acting on a tip, Blake said police obtained arrest warrants and executed a search warrant of the Tennessee Avenue address of one of the suspects. There they recovered a "small portion of the stolen goods, he said. Two guns and a knife were recovered at other locations.

Among the property recovered are several wallets, rings, watches, coats and coins.

According to police, the youths -- who worked in pairs or groups -- would approach people sitting in parked cars, produce a gun or knife and demand jewels and money.

In a few cases, "they just took the coats off their victims," said Detective John Love, one of three robbery squad investigators who worked on the case.

Charged with armed robbery are Bryan McKie, 20, of 517 14st St. Ne.; William S. Davis, 20, of 433 Tennessee Ave. NE.; Raymond T. Tapscott, 20, of 3723 Jay St. NE., and a 17-year-old juvenile.