Two brothers who pleaded guilty to murdering the caretaker of a Bethesda home last December were sentenced yesterday in Montgomery County Circuit court to long prison terms.

Judge David L. Cahoun sentenced Larry Richard Henderson, 24, of Baltimore to life plus 45 years. He sentenced Henderson's brother Ronald Lee, 23, also of Baltimore to 69 years. Larry Henderson would be eligible for parole in 26 years, his brother in 16 years.

According to testimony, on Dec. 2 the brothers and Vernon Morgan, who is being held in Baltimore, broke into a house at 7105 Armat Rd., looking for money. When the caretaker of the house, Din Wang, did not produce any, they shot him in the head, killing him.

The Hendersons then went to a home on Oak Forest Road, where they broke a window, entered the house, surprised the occupants in bed, tied them up and held them hostage for 2 1/2 hours while ransacking the house for valuables. They then fled in their victims' Cadillac.

During the sentencing proceeding yesterday, Larry Henderson told Judge Cahoun that he and his brother's "obsession" with heroin "led us to do a lot of things that weren't right."

The Hendersons also were charged with robbery, using handguns in the commission of felonies, burglary, theft and housebreaking.