City Council Chairman Arrington Dixon, who had been chosen as an alternate to the Democratic National Convention in New York, will be a full-fledged delegate after all -- apparently.

"I've been a delegate officially for two weeks now," Dixon said. But things aren't quite that simple.

The 13 elected delegates named Dixon to the delegation as an alternate last month. But, he became a voting Carter delegate a couple of weeks ago when school board president R. Calvin Lockridge decided not to go the convention. Lockridge named Dixon to serve in his place.

City Council member John L. Ray, chairman of the delegation, has indicated that this arrangement is fine with him. But some other members of the Kennedy majority on the delegation are raising questions.

The Kennedy forces, with a 12-7 majority, have thus far used every opportunity to flex their muscles.

Now some members of the Kennedy group point out that Dixon would be leapfrogging other Carter alternates to be confirmed as a delegate.Most Kennedy backers privately say the Dixon minicontroversy is muscle-flexing and nothing more. But others are more serious. Said one: "He isn't a delegate until we say he's one."