Area sailors asked the National Park Service last week that few changes be made at the Washington Sailing Marina on Daingerfield Island south of National Airport.

However, Alexandria officials and non-sailors speaking at a park service hearing on development of the 107-acre site -- much of it an abandoned nursery and park service storage area -- called for more playing fields and parking on the unused southern end of Daingerfield.

None of the 20 speakers favored the "maximum" $9.5 million development option proposed by the park service, which would include dredging a second marina and adding several boat-launching sites.

Harris Hulburt of the National Yacht Club said club members favor dredging the shallow, silted waters around the present marina, increasing "security for boats and access roads and more parking for soccer players and bikers at the south end of the island."

But speakers for other sailing groups asked that the area be kept primarily for sailors, with little or no development of other kinds.

Alexandria City Council members Donald Casey and James Moran said they personally favored more soccer fields and recreational facilities on the island.

Former Alexandria City Council member Ellen Pickering, speaking for the Northern Virginia Conservation Council, urged more playing fields, bike paths and natural development.

Don Castleberry, superintendent of the George Washington Memorial Parkway, which includes Daingerfield, said there at least appeared to be a consensus against overdevelopment of the area.

Written comments on the development proposals can be made until Aug. 22. The park service expects to choose among the various proposals and present a single plan, probably this fall, which also will subject to public review.