Carolyn Jordan, 22, who was convicted in June of cruelty for hanging her 2-year-old son by a rope in a closet in her Southeast Washington apartment, was sentenced yesterday to 10 months in prison.

Her son, Danyele, who was treated at Children's Hospital for neck bruises and broken blood vessels suffered in the hanging incident, has been placed in the custody of the D.C. Department of Human Services.

Attorney Thomas Abbernante, who represented Jordan, of 2962 Second St. SE, has asked D.C. Superior Court Judge Fred B. Ugast to give his client a more lenient sentence under the federal Youth Corrections Act.

But Ugast said such a sentence was inappropriate for Jordan. The judge said the nature of her offense made it necessary for him to incarcerate her and place her under extensive psychiatric care.

At the trial, June 13 in which Jordan was convicted of cruelty to children, government witnesses called by Assistant U.S. Attorney Martha Rogers testified that Jordan was generally cruel to her son.

Anthony Field, 18, who was Jordan's boyfriend, testified that Jordan struck her son in the face, gave him pills that had not been prescribed for him and hanged him from a crossbar in her apartment closet last Aug. 28.

Jordan testified at the trial and repeated yesterday that she loved her son and would do nothing to harm him.