David Mason had come to accept crime as part of living on Capitol Hill, but he did not expect to be robbed twice within minutes over the weekend.

The two robberies, one at knifepoint, took place Friday night as he walked to his home on Brown's Court SE, after spending the evening drinking and chatting with friends at a neighborhood bar.

Mason was one of 47 armed robbery victims this weekend, according to D.C. police -- almost double the number of armed robberies committed during the same weekend last year. It was the same story in July, when 386 armed robberies were reported compared with 202 for July 1979, according to police statistics.

Mason said he was less than a block from his home when he saw five youths coming toward him.

One covered Mason's eyes with his hands. Another covered Mason's mouth and still others searched his pockets. They took a wallet with $30 in it from his back pants pocket and fled.

Walking rapidly, Mason turned the corner onto his street. But 100 feet from his home, he felt a knife in his back. The man holding the six-inch-long Bowie knife told him to turn around and give him his money.

Mason tried to explain that he had been robbed less than a minute before, "but he wasn't in a mood to listen and ke kept saying, 'Give me the money.'"

As Mason turned his pockets inside out to show he had no money, he found about a dollar in change and give it to the man. The man then cut off Mason's right front pocket and fled.

Mason says that the next time he is out after midnight, he will travel with a friend. Police said there have been no arrests in the case.