Students at College of William and Mary will shoulder a hefty fee increase this fall.

Among public, four-year universities in Virginia, the cost of attending William and Mary will be the highest -- $3,381 for Virginia residents, a 14.1 percent increase over last year.

Virginia Commonwealth University, with a 9 percent increase, ranks second behind William and Mary Virginia residents will pay $3,173 at Virginia Commonwealth this fall.

The greatest increase will be at Virginia State University, where fees charged Virginia residents will total $2,779, or 26.4 percent more than last year.

In Northern Virginia, George Mason University will charge $2,388, or about 15 percent more than last year, for students who live on campus. Most George Mason students are commuters, however, and they will pay about 10 percent more.

Fees at other state schools: University of Virginia, up 11 percent to $3,076; Radford University, up 11 percent to $2,859; Longwood College, up 8.9 percent to $2,840; Mary Washington College, up 4.2 percent to $2,835; James Madison University, up 11.4 percent to $2,836; Old Dominion University, up 8.3 percent to $2,742; Virginia Tech, up 10.8 percent to $2,298; Norfolk State University, up 7.3 percent to $2,057; Virginia Military Institute, up 24.7 percent to $3,020; Christopher Newport College, up 22.7 percent to $970; Clinch Valley College, up 7.5 percent to $1,230; Richard Bland College (commuting students), up 9 percent to $600.

Costs for Virginia residents attending the state's community colleges will increase 14 percent to $342.