The D.C. Delegation to the 1980 Democratic National Convention: CARTER DELEGATES: Marion Barry 3607 Suitland Rd. SE; Joseph Carter, 4222 4th St. NW; Arrington Dixon, 8227 W. Beach Ter. Nw; John Hechinger, 2838 Chain Bridge Rd. NW; Charlene Drew Jarvis, 1789 Sycamore St. NW; Wilhelmina J. Rolark, 524 Foxhall Pl. SE, and Barbara Lett Simmons, 7244 15th PL. NW.

ALTERNATES: Richard Clard, 7509 14th St. NW; Phinis Jones, 3200 Martin Luther King Ave. SE; Mary King, 2119 LeRoy PL. NW; Florence H. Pendleton, 147S St. NW; B. Harold V. Smith, 1731 S St. NW; William R. Spauling, 1905 Randolph St. NE, and Romaine Thomas, 4003 21st St. NE

KENNEDY DELEGATES: Stephen Brown, 560 N St. SW; David A. Clarke, 3320 17th St. NW; Margaret Chase, 7701 Georgia Ave. NW; Walter E. Fauntroy, 4105 17th St. NW; Racquel Marquez Frankel, 1816 Redwood Ter. NW; Lillian Huff, 5124 12th St. NE; Betty Ann Kane 118 5th St. NE; Mary Ann Keeffe, 4322 Windom PI. NW; John Ray, 1350 E St. Ne; William H. Simmons, 1917 Randolph St. NE; Nadine Winter, 1100 K St. NE, and Jerry Wurf, 3846 Cathedral Ave. Nw.

ALTERNATES: Kristine Blackwood, 133 12th St. SE; Melvin Boozer, 1112 Third St. NE; Marilyn Brown, 201 Whittier PL. NW; Don Bruce, 904 9th St. NW; Jeannette Feely; 6221 8th St. NW; Virginia M. Johnson, 1818 Vernon St. NW; Margaret W. Jones, 3604 Austin St. SE; Paul Kuntzler, 745 Third St. SW; Annie W. Neal, 8157 E. Beach Dr. NW; Norman Neverson,706 Peabody St. NW; J. Steven Ramirez, 1708 P St. NW, and Joseph Rauh, 3625 Appleton St. NW