A judge sentenced an Oxon Hillman to 120 years in prison yesterday after hearing four women testify that they are still suffering psychological anguish because the man raped them.

Feliscimo Naranja Martin, 22, of 8912 Loughran Terr. had originally been charged with 11 rapes in the Camp Springs-Oxon Hill area. He pleaded guilty to four as the result of a plea bargaining agreement with Prince George's County Assistant State's Attorney Stephen Orenstein.

The sentence was imposed by Prince George's Circuit Judge Robert J. Woods.

A 21-year-old Oxon Hill woman testified that since she was raped she has lost her job, suffered migraine headaches and undergone neurological and psychological treatment.

"I can't cope. I can't handle people in general," she said, never allowing her vision to stray to Martin, who sat in the defendant's chair with his head bowed throughout the proceedings.

A 20-year-old Camp Springs woman described to the court how she had been thrown to the ground by an intruderin her house in April 1979 and raped.

Glaring at Martin, she said she was now unable to return to the house in which she had lived for 18 years. To escape memories of the incident she said she had moved to Atlanta but had recently returned to Washington and was still unable to hold a job.

The testimony of the third victim, a Camp Springs recetionist, was repeatedly interrupted by sobbing as sherecounted how she was accosted by Martin in the parking lot of her apartment building, forced to disrobe and then raped.

The fourth woman, a 25-year-old mother, said she was driving home in her van when a large butcher knife suddenly appeared at her throat. She suffered a back injury in the subsequent rape and no longer holds a job.

Martin was referred to the Patuxent Institute for psychiatric evaluation. If he is committed there he could he could be eligible for release at any time. If he is sent to prison he wouldbe eligible for parole in 24 years.