Uncle Sam has issued final regulations spelling out procedures government and military agencies must use to process alimony and child support garnishment claims against employes, active duty personnel or retirees.

Under the law, federal, military and D.C. government agencies must comply with state court orders for alimony or child support claims, Generally speaking, the claims can be made against the pay or pension check of any U.S. worker or retiree. It covers all federal payments except grants and income tax refunds.

In most cases, the maximum amount that can be taken from a pay or pension check for alimony or child support is 65 percent of the net (after tax) income of the individual.

Under procedures worked out by the Office of Personnel Management, the individual seeking garnishment for alimony or child support must:

Obtain a court order for the alimony or child support from a state court or the equivalent.

Send the court order (for garnishment, wage attachment or whatever terminology is used by the particular court) to the agency of military department of the individual who owes the payments, or to his or her last agency or military service in the case of a retiree.

Court orders should be sent by registered or certified mail, "return receipt requested" either to the top legal officer of the agency or service, or the agency head.

Federal agencies and the military services are supposed to have worked out procedures for handling the garnishment claims. And they are supposed to have designated individuals to receive and process them. Details can be had from OPM's general counsel at 632-5524.