Members of a citizens group that advises the Fairfax County of the Arts seemed on the verge of a major internal break last week, but emerged from a meeting Monday night as a unified body.

The potential split among the 12 members was over the Arts Council's acceptance of 100 shares of stock in Trans County, a cable television firm which is seeking a Fairfax franchise.

At this week's meeting, the members of the citizens group voted unanimously to recommend to the council that it give up its shares in the company and, in addition, gave a vote of support to the council.

"We thought it was in the best interest of both parties that we give the council our full support," said advisory panel chairman Alan Moghissi.

Moghissi added that the aceptance of the stocks -- valued at $1,000 -- was a "mistake" which he believes the council's board of directors will correct this week by voting to return the Trans County shares.

Asked if the committee would take any action if the board of directors does not return the stocks, Moghissi replied: "That is purely hypothetical. We have every reason to believe the stocks will be returned."

In other matters, the advisory group presented a list of grant recommendations for the council's consideration. If approved by the board of directors, the recommendations will be forwarded to the county executive.