A strike by more than 687 Prince George's County public service employes, members of the American Federation of State, County and Muncipal Employees union, was begun last week. Staff writer Brian Mosley and staff photographer Vanessa Barnes Hillian asked county residents and shoppers what they thought about the strike.

William Wilkins, 41, a shopper at Hampton Mall: "I heard about the strike, and I'm aware of some of the problems the country government is having. That's one of the reasons I moved from Prince George's County to Montgomery Village."

Michael LaViolette, 26, a resident of Seat Pleasant: "I don't really know much about the strike. About all I know is what I read in the County Council's newspaper. I don't really know what they're striking for." c

Harold Ruslander, 35, a Prince George's County police officer who lives in Bowie: "I'm really sorry that it had to come to this. I don't think the strike was necessary, but it seems that people don't care about the strike anyway -- it doesn't affect them."

Sue Cady, 31, of Bowie: "I scanned the story in the paper the other day about the strike. I really haven't given much thought to it -- and I haven't noticed any problems with county services yet."

Steven Casso, 21 of Bowie: "I can understand, with inflation and stuff, the sentiments of the strikers. I know everybody needs an increase (in salary) these days, with inflation."

Gregory Cox, another Bowie resident: "I think County Executive Larry Hogan is unable to deal with the people. I don't think he's been bargaining in good faith. The jail employes need their increase to stay there."

Fauster Vittone, 19, a Bowie pool manager: "I think it is fair to give the employes a raise. They really need it because of inflation. But I know that they won't get what they want without fair negotiations."